Step by Step Blood Sausage en Croute

Soak bread in cream mix, when real soft blend with hand blender until smooth.  Blanch fat back in boiling water until soft all the way through (for about 25 min.), set aside.   Sweat the onions in butter until soft, but do not brown, add flour and cook on low for 2 minutes.  Add the thyme, spices, carrageenan, cream, and fat back, cook on low heat.  Add blood and gently mix on low with rubber spatula for 3 minutes.  Once the protein starts to thicken, add pears and remove from the heat.  Immediately pour into a food safe plastic kryovac bag.  

Your Cvap should be preheated at 85 degrees celsius with 0 browning, set the timer for 45 minutes.  Put the blood on a perforated pan, put into the Cvap and hit start.  Once your timer goes off and the display says SELL, remove the blood bag and lay another hotel pan on the bag.  Put both hotel pans with the blood bag in a ice bath making sure the bag stays flat while it is cooling.

At the market with the good people from NEXTCOURSE

Nextcourse is a non profit in the bay area, they are really doing a great job promoting local and sustainable products.  

The beginning of this month I did a dinner with Nextcourse and we documented our travels to the Alemeny farmers market.  During the dinner our guests watched this video of us picking out the vegetables they were eating.  It was a awesome experience and I feel fortunate to work with them and look forward to the next time we work together.