Cured Rolled Face


Roll up



18 thoughts on “Cured Rolled Face

  1. That looks beautiful. I cooked a rolled head, cooled it, sliced it into 1/4 inch medallions and then breaded and fried it and it came out great, but this looks so much better, especially the julianne of ear and dice of tongue

  2. Hey Chef,

    I’ve heard that you’re doing an event at Bloodhound next tues. Thanks to this post, I tackled making a porchetta di testa myself…but have some questions. Do you need any extra help for that event? I’m no pro, but would be more than happy to help out and learn.

  3. DUDE. I just realized that we know each other thru Claire (she’s my significant other), who worked with you at Fifth Floor. I’ve totally been through here but didnt make the connection. Nice porchetta di testa, did the same thing, but cooked it. I posted it about a month ago on my blog. Take care!

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  5. Echt lecker, aber beim Fleischer um die Ecke machen die noch Senfsaat und zerstossenen Piment mit rein.

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