Mmmmm… Bacon


8 thoughts on “Mmmmm… Bacon

  1. I really appreciate these step by step accounts of your processes. It looks fantastic!

    I have cured and smoked my own bacon several times at home. The biggest problem is that I am unable to slice it evenly. As a result, it doesn’t cook up very evenly and is difficult to crisp uniformly. Do you have any suggestions on how to slice bacon without a deli slicer?

  2. wow. fantastic. a for effort. i’m having a five course iron chef-style bacon smackdown next week and i only wish i had enough time to do this whole process. looks awesome!

  3. Hi Ryan,

    I want to follow these procedures step-by-step. It looks like it would be an awesome project! My only question is, can you provide me with the proportions for your brine?



  4. Don’t fret the slicing. Just bring the finished slab to your butcher, and he’ll probably do it for free. If not, let him have few pieces, and that should be payment enough!

  5. OK – tried it and have some comments:
    1. WAY too salty after a 6-day brining, and I used less than listed above. Will cut down to about 1.5 C next time.
    2. Will add more sugar.
    3. Skipped the oven baking, and just left it in the smoker longer.
    4. Noticed that some ingredients listed at the top (shallot, garlic, thyme) differed from those listed on July 11th (juniper berry, clove), but determined that except for the salt, most other flaveors were not critical on amount or composition.

  6. Make sure your bacon is cooked threw, really cold and you have a meat carving knife that is longer then the slice you plan on cutting. While you are slicing your bacon try to slice with one movement instead of a sawing motion. I have a home deli slicer that I bought online for around a 100$ and it works just fine. Good luck, thanks for the support and the good question.

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