27 thoughts on “Bacon Mayo… the new black

  1. I swear to fucking god your blog makes me so fucking happy. Excuse the profanity, but I just can’t contain myself.

    B.L.T’s anyone?

  2. I Hear Ya!!!!…..MMMmmmmm Bacon!!!!!……I season all kinds of veggies with good ol’ Bacon grease!!!!……..I can relate to that tv commercial for dog treats…..”I’d get it myself, but I don’t have THUMBS”……LOL…..seriously though…..this Mayo/Bacon trick sounds Mighty Tasty!!!!!…..I Gotta Try It!!!!……..and in pre-emptive response to all the flack this will get from the “Health Nuts”?……..I also smoke cigarettes, drink beer and don’t buckle my seat belt!!!!!!……..some day?…..these “Health Nuts” will be lying on their death bed, wondering why they’re dying????……..I’m Gonna KNOW, what killed me!!!!……LOL

  3. I agree with Joey… Youre a genius…. When I was a kid (before microwaves) we popped pop corn on the stove top in a big pot… Our choice of kernel lubrication…. bacon grease…. That is, but the bacon grease in the pot with unpopped kernels… not pour over top of popped corn… that would be gross…. Made for some delicious pop corn!

  4. Goose fat, at least the stuff rendered out of my last goose, is fairly soft at room temperature, softer than bacon fat. It might make for a more spreadable mayo that could keep in the fridge. And yes, I love frying anything in rendered animal fat. Much less sticky and so much tastier than cholesterol free oil.

  5. I had this exact idea just the other day after finally making my first aioli. I told my buddy and the next thing I know he send me a link to this post. Sweet balls!

    Now, as I haven’t tried this yet, my main concern is spreading it if you keep it chilled and don’t use it all at once right away. It seems the bacon fat would set up to solid. However, your idea about cutting it with oil should help that. But I have an idea. I always save my bacon fat fron weekend mornings for cooking things in later. And just recently the girlfriend brought over an awful package of bacon. The point is that when cooled to room temp, that particular bacon fat is about as soft as room temp butter. So, I suggest that readers of this blog (which I’m guessing I will now become) test out different variations of this, with different bacons, etc. to see which one works best for spreadability when chilled.

    Bacon mayo is certainly something that should be gifted to the world in its most perfect form.

    I’ll be adding lardon to mine for a textural twist. Seems like a great dip for fries.


  6. This is a gift from the gods themselves.

    I’d seriously have to say that my two favorite foods on earth are mayo & bacon.

    My god, think of the possibilities… on chicken salad…tuna, turkey, roast beef, steak sandwiches, cheese burgers…


    You have made my day.

    Your humble servant,
    Tommy Z.

  7. This all makes me think of the fried chicken we had as kids. Our cleaning lady and cook would save all the drippings from the bacon she cooked for breakfast, and then use the grease to make fried chicken and pork chops. Best damn fried chicken ever. It’s no wonder both my sisters are on cholesterol medicine, and I only get by because I work out.

  8. Chef Farr, I have the perfect match to the MAYO… Blue Cheese and Bacon Tater Tots @ http://tinyurl.com/cvsgzp.
    If you have a chance, please resend that link to the upright smoker (it didn’t come through). Thanks theculinaryaddict

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  11. Any chance of a printable recipe since I’m not sure of the amounts you used? I’m not too good at just winging it on a new recipe.

  12. Hi, wouldn’t it be best to have it hot as a hollandaise? that way it would be thinner and it would also be much more aromatic…

  13. I just found your site. I love a thick bacon and I love mayo. I save my bacon grease also.
    I just might have to try this, when I get brave.

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