Baby Lamb

Its on! Tuesday July 28th

bloodhound_flyer331Please join us for another amazing event at Bloodhound on Tuesday, July 28th.  We will be HANGING a 175lb, 100% grass fed steer from Magruder Ranch from the rafters.  As the slab hangs Taylor Boetticher of Fatted Calf and I will butcher the whole forequarter, grinding fresh burgers and grilling up all the rest, Mmmmmm!

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Shimaaji is one of my all time favorite Japanese fish, very smooth in flavor and is best eaten raw.  If you must cook, do so on a coal hibachi or grill, dust with a little chili powder and salt.  Striped Horsemackerel and Striped Jack is part of the Aji/Horsemackerel-Saurel family.  Even though it is in the mackerel family the flavor is more delicate then the majority of its brothers and sisters.  There is a good amount of fat and is best eaten in the winter but is still a excellent fish in the summer.

Bio Dome

Even though Pauly Shore should have won a Oscar for his role in the classic flick Bio Dome, you can’t “wheez the ju-uice” with this method. However, you can create very flavorful stocks and gastriques very easily.

This particular application is unique because, once the proteins cook, the broth clarifies. Stone fruits are also great; add a little sugar, vinegar, water and some of the crushed pit, then cook, strain and reduced to desired thickness. You can also make a real tasty smoked corn stock using a little bit of fresh corn kernels and cobs that have been smoked in advance.

Basic Knife Sharpening 101

Taking care of your tools and equipment is one of the most important keys to success and is a reflection of the skills of the cook or chef.  Below is a brief how to sharpen and polish your knives, which should be done everyday before or after you use your knives. Once you are done sharpening your knives rub a little bit of mineral or olive oil on the steal before storing.  Using waterstones is very rewarding and takes time… Practice and patience is key to maintaining a sharp edge.