Turducken Time!

November brings one of our favorite food holidays, and what better way to celebrate than with the famous Turducken! For those who aren’t familiar with this legendary bird, we’re talking about a Chicken stuffed in a Duck, stuffed in a Turkey! Add some tasty cornbread sausage stuffing to that mix and you’ve got yourself 25 pounds of juicy Thanksgiving bounty! Considering this item will feed 25+ mouths (that’s 10 dollars a person!), you are sure to have plenty of leftovers for those epic post-Thanksgiving sandwiches (which are considered by some to be the best part about Thanksgiving).

This feast will come fully equipped with an aluminum roasting pan, a digital read thermometer, and easy to follow roasting instructions. The Turducken will be resting upon a bed of beautiful brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and other seasonal root vegetables, complete with a bag of herbs that will be used to blanket the bird during the roast. We will also include one quart of luscious Turducken gravy. The bottom line is that this fine fowl is completely prepared and ready to go into the oven, leaving you with all the time you need to make those other tasty side dishes and desserts! We will also have a 4505 staff member available via email on the day of Thanksgiving in case there are any questions or last minute concerns.

*Ordering will begin on Monday, November 1st

Turducken Price: $275

Pickup Date 1: Tuesday, November 23rd, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, 11am – 2pm
Pickup Date 2: Wednesday, November 24th, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, 11am – 2pm
*Exact locations to be announced at a later date

**Orders will CEASE on November 12th at Noon

Ordering Instructions: Please email meats@4505meats.com with your name, number, desired pickup date, and specify that you are interested in ordering a Turducken. Please also note if you are interested in purchasing more than one Turducken. We will mark your information and call the number by the end of the week to confirm the order and collect payment information. Please feel free to email with any other questions you might have.

Please also see this post for a preview of the previous year Turducken!


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