Whole Beef Class Video

4505 Meats Whole Beef Class

Check out this video that Kent, the 4505 Meats Ambassador, put together from our December 12th Whole Beef class. Six students get up close and personal at the 4505 Meats kitchen with a Marguder Ranch, grass fed steer. Each participant leaves with 100+ pounds of meat that can be shared, stored, and eaten over an extended period of time. This gives everyone the opportunity to purchase high quality beef at a low price while supporting local business and farms. Interested in signing up? Check out the class dates on our online store here: http://4505meats.com/fmStore/list.php

One thought on “Whole Beef Class Video

  1. just placed an order via paypall today march 18th. I will be away March 20-26, so could I please receive my order after the 26th?

    Thanks so much!
    Amanda Ford

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