Pastured Pork CSA

This month we are happy to present the pastured pork CSA. Utilizing a locally produced Tamoworth Hog from River Dog Farms, this is sure to satisfy those porky affections! The Tamoworth breed is thought to have descended from wild European boars. This hardy animal adapts well to pasture and can tolerate a variety of climates. It is considered to be genetically distant from most modern commercial swine produced in the United States. It is sometimes also referred to as the “bacon pig” because of its ability to reach high body mass without having excessive fat.

Your CSA will include over 7lbs of pork goodies, including:

-Brined pork loin
-Black pepper and brown sugar rubbed pork belly
-Herbed lard
-Tasso ham
-Pork stock demi glaze
-Pork shoulder confit
-Rosemary and lard shortbread cookies

The first CSA pickup is on Friday, January 28th from 11am – 2pm at the Local Mission Eatery on 24th St. We will have a spot in the back of the restaurant, so come have a bite to eat and leave with your delicious pork goodies!

The second CSA pickup is on Saturday, January 29th from 8am – 2pm at the 4505 Meats Ferry Plaza farmers market booth. Come on out and enjoy the sights and smells of this wonderful local farmers market and leave with your delicious pork goodies!

To order your CSA for either of these pickup dates, please visit the 4505 Meats online store. For more information or questions, please email

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