Happy Hogs from River Dog Farm


For our upcoming Pastured Pork CSA, which will be available for pickup towards the end of this week, we will be using a locally produced heritage breed Tamoworth hog.

Technically some of the animals in these picture are pigs. The difference between calling it a pig or a hog has to do with the age and weight. A pig is a younger domesticated animal weighing less than 120 pounds, becoming a hog when it reaches a higher weight and maturity. These healthy animals are raised and rotated in the green pastures of River Dog Farm, a local and organic certified California producer.  Here we can see the pigs foraging in the pasture and returning to the groves of Black Walnut trees for naps and shade. Much attention goes into managing the pasture for these animals. During the peak of growth they will have access to patches of mustards, vetch, barley, and grasses. The opportunity for higher protein plants like alfalfa and clover is also a welcome addition to the diet. Although the saying goes “as happy as a pig in shit”, perhaps it’s also safe to say “as happy as a pig in pasture”.

For more information about River Dog Farm, please visit their website. To order our upcoming Pastured Pork CSA, please visit our online store.

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