Flavor Country 7/13/11

The 4505 Meats cheeseburger recently got voted “Best Burger in the Bay Area” by an Eater SF reader poll. It’s no secret that we put a lot of love into our burgers. From buying local whole grass fed beef, butchering and dry aging the meat, to making our own pecorino scallion sesame seed buns. To get a good idea of what goes into the process of making our burger, check out the burger video we made recently. Reserve one today!

Weekly Market Special
There’s no hiding the fact that we love pork. So for our farmers market special this week we are bringing a luscious pork confit sandwich with fresh herbs, market salad, pickled veggies with chili chorizo aioli. We will also have the infamous Frankaroni: Deep fried macaroni and cheese with our bacon studded hot dogs!



Farmers Market Sausage
Each week we bring a variety of delicious sausage for all your meaty needs. Buy a pack and grab some lunch while you’re at it! Our retail list this week will include:

Lamb Merguez- a bold, 100% lamb sausage with spicy harissa, herbs, red onion, and plenty of delicious flavor! Perfect for any lamb lover.

Chorizo- a juicy chorizo pork sausage with a kick! Plenty of dried chilis and a touch of vinegar. The addition of beef fat helps the flavors marry in your mouth.

Squash and Basil- inspired by Summer bounty, this plump pork sausage has a fresh summer kick with a foundation in BACON.

Andouille- a smoky pork sausage perfect for those New Orleans or grill inspired dishes. A touch of heat and thyme add a great twist to this classic.

Cheddar Bratwurst- one of our signature snappy pork sausages with flavor on flavor. The addition of cheese isn’t cheating, it’s downright delicious!

Chicken Beer- a boudin blanc style 100% chicken sausage with a delicate luscious texture. The addition of fresh Magnolia brewery beer highlights the dried apricots and mustard seeds in the sausage.

Maple Bacon Breakfast- our signature sweet and slightly spicy breakfast sausage with bacon, maple, and sage. Perfect for eggs and peppery greens!

Bacon Studded Hotdogs- last but not least, our bacon studded hot dogs. Naturally smoked and studded with bacon, these snappy numbers will redefine your understanding of a hot dog. Perfect for any cooking application!

Whole Beast Butchery
As some of you may know, Ryan is coming out with a complete visual guide to the butchering of whole pig, lamb, and beef in the near future. We’re talking 500 high quality photos of step by step instruction, highliting all the necesary details from sourcing, handling, and cooking. His approach is not just to break the animal down into individual cuts, but how to EAT the entire beast. This is exactly the book that Ryan wishes he had when he was learning how to deal with whole animals as a chef in the restaurant industry. This book will serve an important purpose for the ambitious home chef, industry professional, or anyone interested in the art of butchering whole animals. Pre-order your copy today on Amazon! Or for more information, visit the book portion of our blog.

Upcoming Give-away for Outside Lands

The Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park is just around the corner. This enormous Summer festival is three days and hosts dozens of awesome bands. Since we will be participating as a food vendor, we are going to be picking a random email list subscriber in the coming weeks who will win 2 free tickets to the festival. More details coming soon, but if you aren’t already subscribed, get on our email newsletter list! You can do so by going to the homepage and entering your email in the subscribe box at the bottom.

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