The first copy has arrived.

The book feels great, exactly what I wish I had when I was learning. It’s made to be used over and over again as reference, inspiration, and a road map to FLAVOR! All of the hard work and dedication is concentrated into a well crafted manual with detailed photography capturing every step of the story. This book has been a long time in the making. Just looking at it makes me want to break down a fore quarter of aged beef, reminding me that while my home kitchen may be simple, I can source and butcher my own meat. If I was going to tackle a whole animal at home, I would probably settle for a lamb. It’s much more manageable for anyone with a sturdy table and a few good tools. Reading through the pages reminded me that you don’t have to start with the whole animal. You can run down to your local butcher shop and request a primal or portion to practice on. Whether that’s seaming out the muscles on a leg or frenching a nice rack of lamb for the purposes of technique and presentation. Even if you make mistakes, it’s all tasty and edible. So what are you waiting for?, Barnes and Noble or IndieBound and have it arrive safely to your doorstep in November!

2 thoughts on “The first copy has arrived.

  1. It’s been pre-ordered for months. The wait for it to hit my doorstep has been agonizing, increasing with each of your blog posts. Hope to meet you and your team at one of your courses soon.

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