Event and Dinner at Farmstead

Ryan will be heading to New York this week for some pretty exciting stuff, such as the Martha Stewart show and a butchery demo and dinner with his good buddy Matt Jennings at Farmstead! Watch Ryan break down a whole hog and munch on some delicious apps. The dinner will be directly after and is by reservation only. If you’re an East Coaster, or will be visiting, make sure to mark your calendars, this East meets West event is not to be missed!

Event: Butchery Demo and Dinner
Location: Farmstead, Providence, RI
Date and Time: December 4th, Sunday, Butchery Demo, 6pm – 7pm. Dinner, 7:30pm.
Event Link: Farmstead Demo and Dinner with Ryan Farr

Dinner Menu:

Course One: Carne crudo, with fried red wheat and chestnut crunchies and sauce ‘pistole’
Course Two: Clay Street greens, bacon vinaigrette, chicken skin ‘smores,’ buttermilk and blue cheese
Course Three: Braised lamb neck with sweet cabbage pierogies, brown butter, fried garlic and pickled apple
Course Four: 28 day, dry aged ribeye, butternut squash mousseline, marrow butter, beef tongue and mustard salad
Course Five: Chocolate and caramel tart, smoked bacon and smoked butter crust

And for all you locals in the Bay Area, there will be plenty of San Francisco based events on the horizon. You can stay up to date as we post dates and descriptions on the Events page.

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