Fresh Greens from McEvoy Ranch

Every week at the Farmer’s Market we’ve got a tasty special sandwich on the menu. It could be anything from slow roasted beef, pork, lamb, or fried chicken, but one thing usually stays pretty consistent: it gets topped with delicious fresh greens from one of our favorite local vendors, McEvoy Ranch. Just outside of Petaluma in the vast sweeping landscapes of coastal Marin, this beautiful 550 acre spread has a bounty of some of theĀ finest seasonal, organic goods available in California. They are renowned for their olive oil, but their operation now includes grapes, body care products, honey, and other delicious delights that you can find at their store in the Ferry Building.

I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours at the ranch with Susan, a superb guide and knowledgeable McEvoy gal whom you regularly see at the store in theĀ  Ferry Building Market place. We weaved our way through the orchards, vineyards, and gardens, talking about the history of the ranch and their pioneer, Nan McEvoy. Nan was the first to begin growing olive trees in the local region, despite the challenges and advice from others around her. McEvoy now grows many of the olive trees that end up being planted in the region.

Back to the greens. Several areas are planted and semi-protected from other hungry inhabitants, creating a lush greenery and edible landscape that we love eating up. Mustard greens, rhubarb chard, kale, baby arugula, mizuna, beet greens, cilantro, chervil, sorrel, dandelion, and mixed lettuces are some of the varieties that end up on our sandwiches. It always adds a fresh touch to the sandwich, and goes great with whatever aioli we might be topping it with. Last week it was fava leaf and coriander aioli on a slow roasted beef sandwich with plenty of fresh greens. Yum!

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