Butchery classes, then and now.

4505 Meats has been offering whole animal butchery and sausage making classes since 2009. It all started when Ryan began doing demonstrations and events around San Francisco, roasting whole animals and cutting meat in front of hungry crowds. At the time he was also working for a non profit organization that teaches professional kitchen skills to people in need. After some time, he began getting the same question over and over. “How can I learn this?”. So it started at the La Cocina community kitchen in the Mission. Students would show up and work together to break down whole pigs, lamb, and stuff pound after pound of delicious decadent sausage. I actually met Ryan by taking one of these classes and then found myself volunteering, eventually leading to a full time job working alongside him for the past two and a half years.

Since then we’ve built our own space where the classes have continued and evolved. Within the last year, we decreased the overall class sizes and added a wider variety of content. Whether students are interested in basic cutting skills or spending an entire day with us to break down a whole grass fed beef, these classes are one of the most rewarding and interesting parts of the business. As entertaining and fun as the concept might be, we also focus on the fact that we are helping to expand a growing movement. People are interested in connecting with their food in more meaningful ways. For those of us who are passionate carnivores, there is a very deep fulfillment and respect that comes from turning a whole animal into a beautiful array of portions and cuts. The quality of the animals and dedication from the people caring for them is immediately evident when a stroke of the blade reveals a rich marbled surface, deep with the color of an active life.

For the next chapter of these classes, we’re expanding the team of instructors to include other knowledgeable 4505 Meats staff members. Myself (Kent Schoberle, market chef) and Corey Nead, kitchen manager, will be contributing effort to take these experiences to the next level. As we continue promoting the education behind meat cutting, cookery, and consumption, we will also be developing a more extensive training program for people who are interested in acquiring professional butchering skills. For the latest list of classes and descriptions, please visit the tasty education page at the 4505 Meats online store and reserve your spot today. Note that we have now added Sunday classes, making it a good option for people who are busy during the week. If you have any additional questions, we can be reached by emailing meats@4505meats.com. We hope to see you soon!

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