4505 Meats Story

4505 Meats is the creation of Ryan and Cesalee Farr, officially hitting the streets of San Francisco in 2009. Ryan, the chef, butcher, and master stomach behind the operation, comes from a background in fine dining. He spent many years honing his skills as a chef and pursuing various culinary interests. While working in restaurants, it was difficult to acquire some of the cuts and parts of the animal he wanted to work with. It was also challenging to have complete control over sourcing, which left many questions in his mind. The best solution was to start buying whole animals from local farmers. As his local relationships developed, Ryan gained control over the entire process from sourcing to serving, and at the same time, earned valuable experience in the craft of whole animal butchery. Through experimentation and a do it yourself approach, he began to develop his own unique handling of the process. He was approaching the subject with the desire to EAT the entire animal, which is one of the founding principles of 4505 Meats. “Follow your stomach” as he likes to say.

After spending over 15 years in restaurants, Ryan decided to make a change. One experience in particular, where he took a group of high school students to a local market and guided them through sourcing and creating a meal from scratch, was influential in his decision to engage in more community related activities. After leaving his position as Chef at a Michelin star restaurant, he joined a local San Francisco non-profit organization called CHEFS and began teaching professional kitchen skills to people re-entering society from rehabilitation, jail, or other challenging circumstances. This entire transition was difficult, and while working for this non-profit proved invaluable, he began having a difficult time paying rent. He was also continuing his practice of whole animal butchery, which meant he usually had plenty of extra pig skin. Having previously experimented with fried pig skins, he began creating his own version. This led to the production of what we refer to as puffy pork magic: Chicharrones. He hit the streets and and started selling his Chicharrones to local bars, helping to pay his rent and without knowing it, building the foundation for the eventual creation of 4505 Meats. He also continued teaching whole animal butchery and sausage making classes, allowing people to be involved in the process from start to finish. As more people learned about his classes, the more popular they became, to the point where they were selling out every time. The next logical step was the creation of 4505 Meats.

The company is now in it’s fourth year of operation and fully committed to following the meaty spirit that was set forth by Ryan and Cesalee. Along with an excellent staff and growing public interest in high quality meats, the company now sustains and operates several delicious components that all tie back to our core mission. Farmer’s Markets, custom CSA’s, sausage production, catering, butchery classes, and most recently, the opening of the first 4505 Meats brick and mortar butcher shop in December of 2012. This small but intimate space is less than 2 blocks away from where Ryan and Cesalee have been living for the past decade. It has been a dream since the very beginning, and with the cooperation of the community and willingness of people to invest dollars into local business and food, it has become a reality. A face to face experience where we can share with you our passion for cutting and cooking the highest quality meats available.

The story continues…