On the Radio!

Hey all, over the past month we have been having a great time promoting the book, check out some of the interviews below.

I had a wonderful conversation with Helen Hollyman over at U Look Hungry Radio on Heritage Radio Network, check out her blog post and listen to us here.

For those that don’t know about Heritage Radio Network, it is located in the back of a restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn called Roberta’s.  We made time to dine, our meal was memorable and amazing, I highly recommend the whole menu.  Thank you Helen for the great time!

I also spoke with Poppy Tooker over at Louisiana Eats, we chatted it up about Turduckens, butchery and the book.  We had a blast, listen here.

Check them out and stay tuned for the full Martha episode, it will be up soon.

Foie Gras Torchon

Hey guys, I saw a questionable looking torchon recently and it inspired me re-post this Foie Gras Torchon technique from December 2008.  This is one of my favorite versions and easily something you can do.  The beauty here is the vinegar and cure salt work together nicely to preserve the foie, giving you amazing color and smooth texture.  This technique is more of a non-traditional technique but I have had a lot of success with it.

Enjoy and please comment with any questions and I will answer all of them as soon as I can.  Ryan

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Whole Beast Butchery

For the past year and a half, I’ve been busy with many things, but the one thing I’m most excited to share with you is my upcoming book: Whole Beast Butchery, the complete visual guide to Whole Pig, Lamb, and Beef. This book is largely inspired by the concepts I’ve put forth on my blog for the past three years. The step by step format is the way I’ve always chosen to share the information and techniques. Included are some of my favorite recipes, like Crispy Skin Pork Shoulder, Lambchetta, 10lb Beef Flinstone Rack, Pork Jowl and Clams, and Beef Tongue Pastrami. Click here for the details!

Viva la Turducken!

Today’s re-post is from 2 years ago and is a good example of what we love to do.  We’ll have a updated version soon with ordering instructions etc., in the meantime please enjoy!

Its that time again folks!  Turducken is something we do every year for Thanksgiving.  This year we’ll do a more traditional Turducken with whole birds and cornbread sausage stuffing.

The turkey itself was a 25 pounds to start.   The Turducken was about 38 pounds before going into the oven.  The massive bird happly feed 25ish waiters, cooks, dishwashers, wives and we had leftovers for late night snacking.

We always sell out for Thanksgiving so move quick, more info here meats@4505meats.com.

You got to be in it, to win it!

Hey all, check out Protein University, it’s from our good friends from Cochon 555 national tour.

PROTEIN U is creating the first sustainable butcher network in the United States, supporting responsible farms and heritage species of livestock. Our mission is to create an online resource populated with a family tree of butchery techniques from whole animal breakdowns to sausage making from across the globe.

Today, top restaurants and butcher shops are sourcing whole animals from responsible farms across the country. Participating provides ethical and economical benefits, but something is still missing. Those sharing the ideology of “pasture to plate” are looking to expand butchery techniques but our educational system is lacking an online resource. ProteinU is creating a “peer to peer” network with a goal to preserve the art of the butcher. We welcome you into our community.

Enter their contest and win a trip to the butcher retreat, there will be plenty meat, fire and good times had by all.

Submit your application and a videos here!  Show us what you got.