Butcher Classes

Whole Hog Butchering

Whole Lamb Butchering

Whole Beef Butchering

Sausage Making 101

Advanced Sausage Making

For schedules, reservations, and more information, please visit the 4505 Meats shop.

76 thoughts on “Butcher Classes

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  3. I would love to attend the whole pig butchery class – please let me know when the next one is.

    Darren 794-5800

  4. I want to echo the two comments above. I would love to sign up for both of these classes. Please host them again!

  5. There are 5 of us who’d like to take your sausage making & foie gras torchon classes?. When is your next class? When will you put out your next schedule? Thanks.

  6. Will you be posting an update of classes being offered before the end of the year? Or, can i request to have that emailed to me? thanks in advance

  7. Please add me to your upcoming class schedule mailing list! I definitely want to get this for my husband….as a Christmas gift, if possible! We hunt and process our own elk, mule deer, and javalina….but he would love to learn more finesse and technique. Thank you

  8. Hi, I’d like to buy a gift certificate for two people to do the sausage making class, is that possible, and can you also put me on the mailing list for the upcoming schedule?

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  10. My husband just took your whole hog class and loved it! Can you please add me to your mailing list? We’re hoping to take a class together soon.

  11. Yes, San Jose/Silicon Valley location will be nice… and also can’t wait for the “bacon is the new black” t-shirt!
    Got schedule for the next Whole Hog class?


  12. Hello Ryan,
    Thank you for a great sausage class today. I was writing you for the other 2 recipes for the hot links and the rosemary/pecorino sausage. Could also let me know where you can get casings and perhaps a good butcher shop for the home shopper to make sausage.
    Thanks for the information!
    PS(What does 4505 stand for?)

  13. interested in the next whole hog class. I see that the April class is sold out – any chance of cancellations or an additional class anytime soon?
    looking forward to hearing from someone. thanks!

  14. Hello 4505–

    I want to attend a sausage making class in May 2010 with my father-in-law for his birthday. Being that classes sell out so quickly, is there any chance of buying our spots now. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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  18. Hi Ryan–it was great to meet you at Celebration Weekend. I’d be very interested in taking your next lamb butchering class, and am checking this site frequently for your next class schedule posting…are you planning any within the next month? Here’s hoping.


  19. My name is barbarahough and I am trying to find out for my husband mark smith where he can take classes on butchering/slaughtering. Is ther anyway that you could help

  20. I am really interested in future classes. I was the Chef at Bistro Campagne for the last 3 years (was laid-off in February) and dabbled in cured meats and sausages using books, recipes others would give me, and sheer trial and error. I am staging at Old Town Social and Publican this fall on off days and was looking for a class to further educate. if you could please send me some info on future classes or alternatives
    Dan Jacobs
    (773) 480-1181

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  22. Have you ever thought of offering a class in butchering the whole goat? We raise Boer goats and would like to learn how to butcher ourselves rather than taking a young goat to a butchering service.

  23. Hi guys .

    I did a two week blockman course in South Africa a year ago. Kinda buthering 101 . Recently relocated to Texas and have been finding a hard time finding any classes /courses in this field. I am interested in all aspects especially breaking down the whole animal into primal cuts , sausagemaking etc.
    I am not on Facebook or twitter . Is there another way to get regular info regarding upcoming classes?
    Thanks Anton

  24. I would like a listing of dates, times, and costs of your classes. I refer students to different career trainings and try to get Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation to pay the cost. These students have learning disabilities, but it doesn’t stop them from being excellent students especially when it is a hands-on training. Thanks for your information. Janet

  25. Could you send us your lamb butchering class schedule. We raise about 60 -75 sheep and have been butchering for a while, but would like to “amp up” our knowledge.


    Jill and Greg Allen

  26. I am interested in your next whole beef butchering class in 2011, i have helped butcher before but i was amazed that i did not know where each prime cut of beef was located.

    Rudy 415 420 4938

  27. I signed up for your 4 courses but I saw the comments about a lamb course. Is there one available while I will be there in July? (11th 12th then 17th 18th) Do you have any recommendations on accommodations while I am there?

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  29. I am registered for your whole hog butchering class on August 2nd. Can you please let me know where the class will be held at? I can’t find it on the email I received or on your website. Thanks.

  30. Saw you on Marth Stewart. I have the needed attachments and have never thought of making sausage before. Thank you for your recipes and vast knowledge. Looks great!! If ever in San Fransisco again will definitely be looking you up.

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