We are proud to use local purveyors whenever possible. Our goal is to serve products made by producers that share our commitment to taste, quality, and sustainability.



Whole Animal Butchery is our legacy. We have long-standing relationships with our farmers and believe in whole animal utilization. We are proud to serve meat from local purveyors and those that raise their animals sustainably. 4505 Burgers & BBQ only serves the meat we would serve our family.

Five Dot Ranch (Napa, CA)- Five Dot is a seven-generation, family owned business that produces grain and livestock. We serve Five Dot Ranch Brisket and are proud to be one of their biggest customers.

Hobbs Smoked Meats (El Cerrito, CA)- Hobbs is a family operated business, known for creating “California- Style Bacon” and using Applewood smoke.

American Homestead  (Iowa)- American Homestead Natural Meats is a network of 35 family hog farms committed to animal welfare and responsible farming methods. Homestead is the provider of the pork we use for pulled pork and spare ribs.

Rancho Llano Seco (Chico, CA)- We source whole Hogs from Llano Seco for our Smoked Whole Hogs and other special events. Llano Seco is a sustainable producer of beef, pork, and heirloom beans & grains.

Sun Fed Ranch (Shasta, CA)- We pride ourselves on serving great grass fed beef from Sun Fed ranch. It’s ground fresh and pattied daily to our exact specifications.  Sun Fed cattle are 100% grass fed and 100% grass finished, and are ranched primarily by two families in Northern California from the Sacramento Valley up to Oregon border, as conditions dictate. 

Pitman Family Farms (San Joaquin Valley)- We use Mary’s Chicken from Pitman Family Farms for our smoked chicken. Mary’s Chickens are raised in clean living spaces and reflect Mary Pitman’s commitment to food free of sugars, preservatives and food additives. The chickens have four times more space to roam than the average commercial ranch, which eventually leads to a healthier tastier product.


Wine & Beer

We’ve worked very closely with local wine distributors to source excellent unique Bay Area Wines, which represent small scale, high quality American winemakers. In the vineyard many of them work with natural, organic, or biodynamic practices; in the cellar, they favor natural processes over mechanical or chemical manipulation.

We source from Craft Brewers in the Bay Area.  All of our draft beers come from small producers in and around San Francisco.  Additionally we source great craft beer from around the world exclusively in cans.  As opposed to bottles, cans help to reduce oxidation and prevent light damage, keeping your beer fresh and awesome.

Broc Cellars (Berkeley, CA)- Broc Cellars is in urban winery started by Chris Brockaway that sources from organic vineyards in Northern California.

Hobo/ Camp (Santa Rosa, CA)- Started in 2002 by Kenny Likitprakong, Hobo wines makes wine in small lots using different vineyards. This strategy lends itself to creating a greater variety of wines while sourcing from a wide of local vineyards, allows Kenny to bring the best grapes possible back to the cellar.

Cultivar (Napa, CA)- Cultivar Wine shows off the different microclimates & appellations that exist in Napa Valley.

Anderson Valley (Boonville, CA)- AVBC has been making craft beer in Northern California for almost 3 decades. They produce handcrafted ales, lagers, and have since expanded to sour and barrel aged beers as well.

Anchor Brewing (San Francisco, CA)- With roots tracing back to SF since 1849, Anchor Steam Beer is a San Francisco classic. We serve the Anchor’s Steam Beer as well as other seasonal varietals.

Berryessa Brewing Co. (Winters, CA)- Berryessa Brewing Co. is a 20-barrel craft brewery outside of Winters, CA.

Field Work (Berkeley, CA)- Field Work is a craft brewery that prides itself on honesty and has been creating great beers in Berkeley since 2014.

21st Amendment (San Leandro, CA)- 21st Amendment sells a range of award winning craft brews.  21A has had a taproom in San Francisco since 2000 and in 2015 opened a full scale brewing facility in San Leandro in a former Kellogg’s factory.

Fort Point Beer Co. (San Francisco, CA)- Fort Point Beer is a presidio based beer company “shaped by deeply San Franciscan values: quality craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation”, producing balanced, thoughtful beers.



We source from dairy producers who are just as committed to quality and flavor as we are.  Just like our meat, you can taste the difference in sustainable dairy products raised humanely with great tradition.

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream(San Francisco, CA)- Humphry Slocombe uses organic milk, seasonal flavors, and local products. We are excited to serve their Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream in our Root beer Floats or by the scoop!

Tillamook (Tillamook Dairy Co-op, OR)- a large proponent of natural over artificial ingredients, makes the cheddar cheese in our Jalapeno & Cheddar hot link and in our Frankaroni.



Grains provide an opportunity to celebrate what our soil has to offer. We feel that organically produced heritage grains set the bar for flavor

Anson Mills (Columbia, SC)- Anson Mills produces the best handmade mill goods from organic heirloom grains.  We use their stone ground yellow grits in our Grit Cake Sandwich.


Baked Goods

We use local bakers who deliver daily to ensure that our sandwiches taste fresh and our made with natural ingredients. We’ve worked with these bakers for years, allowing us to serve you consistently delicious sandwiches.

Acme Bread Company  (Berkeley, CA)- Acme makes our Pan De Mie and sesame hot dog bun.

PANoRAMA- (San Francisco, CA) Panorama makes the sesame scallion bun from our recipe, used for our Best Damn Cheeseburger and Grit Cake Sandwich.

Pinkies Bakery (San Francisco, CA) Pinkies makes the Parker House Rolls served with our meat plates.



Because who doesn’t love a sweet finish? We’ve entrusted our friends in the dessert business to provide you with locally produced treats, made from quality ingredients.

Dough & CO (San Francisco, CA) Dough and Co makes the eggless (chia seed based) chocolate chip cookies we serve. Their cookies feature local Guittard Chocolate and are finished with Maldon Salt.

Devil’s Canyon (San Carlos, CA)- Devil’s Canyon sustainably produces craft beer. They’ve won over 35 awards for their craft beers. We serve their house made Root beer on draft.