Our Meat

Here at 4505 Meats we love working with local farmers and ranchers throughout the year to source high quality, pastured meats. We have a passion for butchery and love working with whole animals whenever possible. Since we approach the subject with the desire to EAT, having this control from start to finish allows us to fulfill that wish. We insist on working with farmer’s who are passionate about their animals and land. The results are reflected in the quality of meat from those first cuts to the end result of a cooked portion.

BEEF: Grass fed beef is among our favorite things to have hanging in our walk-in refrigerator. It tastes like it should, BEEF. Often times we are working with dry aged beef. The flavor that develops from the dry aging process imparts a unique depth and helps tenderize the meat. We love portioning thick cut steaks, roasts, and grinding our custom burger mix fresh on a weekly basis. Try one of our vibrant, thick cut ribeye steaks and you will know what we are talking about. Although the bulk of our beef is 100% grass fed, we occasionally stock special items, such as grass fed/grain finished, dry aged prime rib roasts. The nutty flavor and tender texture are a fantastic pairing for a special feast.

PORK: Premium Pastured Pork. Whether we are making Chicharrones, sausage, thick cut pork chops, brined roasts or smoked bacon and jowl, this versatile animal is a pleasure to work with. Some of our favorite breeds include Duroc, Berkshire, Tamworth, and different types of crosses. This animal is a meaty blessing, and has a diverse potential for fresh, cured, and smoked applications. Try our  cured, smoked pork jowl or liverwurst and you will know what we are talking about.

LAMB: Succulent, tender pastured lamb are great animals to work with because of their manageable size. In fact, this is how Ryan learned how to start working with larger whole animals. The portions are much smaller than pork and beef, but no less flavorful. Lamb is always what we suggest to those who would like to begin practicing butchery in a home setting. We love taking the flavor of lamb and mixing it with spicy, bold flavors like our custom Harissa spice blend. Try the merguez sausage and you will know what we are talking about.

GOAT: A lesser utilized animal but equally as tasty, the goat presents a unique eating opportunity for those looking to expand their meaty horizons. Similar to lamb but different in many respects, this animal is actually the most commonly eaten red meat in the world. You might not know that otherwise, but give it a try and let us know what you think. The flavor can tend to be stronger, which can be partly attributed to the fact that the goat has a more diverse eating preference than a lamb. Try the braised lamb shank with curry recipe in Ryan’s book, Whole Beast Butchery, but substitute goat. You will know what we are talking about.

CHICKEN: People love chicken, and so do we. The majority of our chicken we source whole from a local farm that produces excellent results on pasture. We love working with the Poulet Rouge, which is different than your standard American meat bird. Inspired from a French style bird, these Poulet Rouge breeds are more active, hardy, and slower growing than the Cornish Cross breeds you will find in most stores. A higher activity level and more voracious foraging means a better tasting bird. You will also notice a difference in the overall shape of the bird, such as a longer breast. Try our house made chicken stock or chicken confit and you will know what we are talking about.

DUCK: This decadent, darker meat bird is wonderfully flavored. Ducks are typically higher in fat content, as you can imagine ducks in the wild would need a good layer of insulation from cold water temperatures. If you are looking for some extra fat and a stronger, more decadent flavor, try one of our ducks. A slow seared, skin-on breast will yield juicy, medium rare results with crispy skin to complete the experience. Or try one of our whole holiday ducks, stuffed with truffled Tartine bakery bread and you will know what we are talking about.

RABBIT: Another lesser known animal amongst American meat culture, but tender and flavorful in its own right. The rabbit is an efficient, sustainable meat option that you may see from time to time on a fancy restaurant menu, but this should not intimidate you from trying it at home. It is a naturally leaner animal, so for those who prefer chicken, you may find rabbit to be the next best thing. Try a whole braised rabbit with white wine and garlic, or keep an eye out for our seasonal rabbit sausage and you will know what we are talking about.