We believe that the world can change through strong community and better food choices. As a small growing business, it is our intention to keep these two concepts as the foundational pillars of our mission. We want to change the way you buy, cook, and eat meat. Not just as a special occasion, although there are many, but as a means of feeding yourself, family, and friends on a regular basis. It’s not just a small change in the way you eat, it’s a change in the way you live and invest your dollars in local business and food. Your choice to support our business in turn inspires us to support other small businesses and farms. Together we will expand the movement towards a more sustainable food system, forging new paths and strong community relationships along the way.

We love working directly with farmers to source the highest quality product that has been raised humanely and with much care. The flavor of the meat can be directly tied to the quality of the animals conditions, feed, and life. We want to offer you the best, and therefore that means we must work with the best.

When you buy a steak from us, you can know that it was handled with our very own hands and knives. Our grass fed beef, for example, is sourced from local farmers and delivered to us whole. We take exactly what we want for our fresh burger grind and turn the rest into steaks, roasts, cuts, and portions that are manageable for a home kitchen application. This allows us to control all steps of the process from storing, preparing, and delivering the product directly to you.

As an extension of our mission, we find it important to also educate our customers on the best methods of preparation, cooking, and eating. From the butchery classes we offer to the educational materials we create, this is an important part of our mission. You can buy the best steak in the world, but if you don’t cook it properly, you might not be able to tell the difference. Please refer to our cooking references for sources of knowledge, inspiration, and ideas on how to best utilize your ingredients. And don’t hesitate to talk with us. Whether you are coming into the butcher shop, browsing the Farmer’s Market, or place a call or email to our meaty headquarters, the staff is well trained in the art of meat cookery. We want to share that experience with you, and every single one of us is passionate about eating good meat and spreading the word.