Sausage to Your Doorstep

In addition to the fresh sausage we offer at our two Farmer’s Market locations, we have five tasty offerings which can be shipped anywhere in the nation via 2 day Fed Ex. These meaty goods are perfect for any occasion, just add heat and let the flavor speak for itself. All orders can be placed at the 4505 Meats online store.

Bacon Studded Hot Dogs
Our signature hot dog, studded with bacon and naturally smoked to juicy perfection. These snappy dogs have were inspired by the plump juicy ball park franks from Ryan’s childhood. As the dog heats up, the bacon melts and creates an extra juicy flavorful dog that you will surely not forget!

Chicken Beer Sausage
A boudin blanc style sausage made with a lot of fresh local San Francisco Magnolia Brewery beer. The addition of cream and eggs creates a delicately delicious texture, while dried apricots and mustard seeds accent the flavor of beer. 100% chicken, 100% awesome.

Cheddar Bratwurst
A smokey pork and Tillamook cheddar cheese brat that will melt your taste buds. The addition of chiles and brown sugar lends a slightly spicy and balanced sweetness. Some people say that putting cheese in a sausage is cheating. We say it’s freaking delicious.

Maple Bacon Breakfast Sausage
Our signature breakfast sausage with pure maple syrup flavor. Fresh sage and red pepper flakes add plenty of good flavor, making this breakfast sausage the perfect addition to eggs, sandwiches, stuffing, and any sweet and savory application you might be able to think of.

Chicken Apple Calvados Sausage
Chicken, a touch of pork, apples, and calvados make this sausage unique and a flavorful addition to just about anything. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. It’s savory, but not too savory. It’s just plain delicious and deserves a place in your pan.

Order your sausage here and have it shipped anywhere in the nation. Whether it’s the gift of meaty love or an addition to your own kitchen, these sausages are packed with flavor, love, and a 2 day Fed Ex delivery to your doorstep.