Smoked, Braised Head and Trotter


Clean the head and trotters real good torch or shave the hair off.  Cure overnight with salt and herbs.  Smoke till nice and golden from smoke, braise till tender.  Pick and separate fat, meat and bones.  

There are many things you can do, right know we seasoning with aromatics mix, cooling, breading and frying.


Good environment for charcuterie

Meat Locker

Meat Locker

Here is an example of making a perfect environment for your salami aging (just make sure it’s not a chilled wine storage company… if they catch you they will kick you out and threaten to sue your ass off… trust me I am lucky they didn’t sue me).  

A metro rack, wrapped in plastic wrap with velcro to keep it closed and aroma filters that will mask any smells of spice.

65 degrees with 78% RH