Post Pig Butchering Class

Next class May 30th and June 7th, RSVP here!

Below is a email from one of the students that participated in last weekends Butcher class and it’s a awesome testimonial.  Thanks to everyone that participated, I had a blast and make sure you check out all of Lydia’s pictures.

Thank you La Cocina for such a awesome venue, Lydia for the great review, Isabel Pazos of El Buen Comer and Grocery Eats for all the killer posts! Here is a link to another great post from Nermo, thanks!

Stay tuned… a plethora of classes soon to come, sausage, goat, rabbits, salami, torchon, turduckens and many more.



I took the whole pig butchering class from Ryan Farr on Sunday. Holy fucking shit was it amazing. Best $75 bucks I’ve spent in a long time. Ryan Farr gave a demo breaking down the entire pig by hand with a little ass knife proving it ain’t the size of the knife but how you wield that fucker. He broke it into big ass primals and then gave everyone their own chunk of the beast. I was given the pork shoulder with the entire front leg attached. I got to break out the picnic part of the shoulder and then separate the butt of the shoulder from the shank. Then the moment, I paid $75  for came. I got to saw the through the fucking shank and separate the foot with a hacksaw. At the exact same time, dude next to me was going full sav removing the face from the pig’s head. Fucking gnarly but awesome. There were only about 12 of us so we all got a chance to attack large chunks and do some finer trimming and portioning. I took home about 10# of meat. I’ve got that foot and shank in a cure right now and I’ll be brining my pork belly for bacon tomorrow.

The homie Unagi just bought a gangster ass smoker so I’m gonna hook up with dude and get my smoke on once the cure and brine comes off these pig parts in about 5 days.

Farr is super fucking cool and is going to be doing more classes this summer. So if you want to boss the fuck up and learn how to make salami, sausages or butcher a whole lamb in the coming months holler at a player. I’m officially up on game. I’m committed to Rick Ross Magnificent this shit.

If you aren’t a pussy here’s a gallery —

Cured Rolled Face


Roll up



CHEFS Thanks Meatpaper


heartpig On behalf of all of us at the C.H.E.F.S. program I would like to thank Sasha Wizansky of Meatpaper and Mark Pasternak of Devils Gulch for there gracious donation of the pig that we butchered at the issue #6 party.  Since the live butchery demo at Acme Chophouse, the students and I have completely made hot dogs, consomme, rolled face, rendered lard and bacon.  We currently are curing curried copa.  In the future the step by step process with the finished product will be posted when complete.  

Thank you again to everyone at Meatpaper, the volunteers, all the meat loving guests and the chefs that killed it that night.

Chef Thom Fox (Acme Chophouse)
Chef Staffan Terje (Perbacco)
Chef Leif Hedendal
Sam White & Chris Kronner & Friends (OPENrestaurant)