4505 Meats Chich-Krispy Treats

Rice Krispie treat bars made with rice puffs and chicharrones

Makes one 13x9x2” pan


1 2.5oz bag 4505 Meats Classic Chili & Salt Chicharrones

3 C. favorite puffed rice cereal

1 10oz pack of marshmallows

3 TBL melted butter


Crush chicharrones into pieces approximately the size of a dime.

In a medium mixing bowl mix chicharrones pieces with rice cereal. Set aside. 

Melt butter in a pot big enough to hold all ingredients, then add marshmallows and continue to cook until fully melted.

Stir cereal mixture into marshmallow and mix until well incorporated.

Using wax paper spread the mixture evenly into pan.

Cool slightly and Enjoy!

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